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To know Renae is to love Renae and with that love and admiration for one of God’s truly unique and special daughters, we are all reeling with the news of her tragic accident.   With her family’s permission, and as one who has been blessed by the Hiltons for more than 35 years, I am asking for your help with Renae’s medical bills. 

This is the exact purpose and mission of Anything for a Friend, and though some of you may have already donated through the GoFundMe (which we are grateful for), others of you have been waiting to make a donation through Anything for a Friend knowing that 100% of the donations will go to the Hiltons for the battle ahead!

Join us in expressing our love for them by doing your ANYTHING.  That may be a monetary donation, and  may also be acts of service, thoughtful expressions, and especially faithful prayers on behalf of Renae and her family.  We have had over a decade of watching the miracle of God’s children coming together to support each other when the harsh waves of life come upon us.  You overwhelm us with your goodness and are anxious for the Hiltons to experience some ANYTHING FOR A FRIEND LOVE!  Please join us in bringing some relief to this special family and their FIGHT 2 THE FINISH (F2TF).  We love you Rob, Renae, Brent, Jenn, Spencer, Joey, and Mikey.  You are not alone!

With a grateful heart,

Becky Anderson


In the words of two of her  sons Joel and Mike:

On December 13th, Renae was taking her son to a doctor's appointment when her vehicle slid on an icy road and crashed into a guard rail. A piece of the rail came through the car and impaled her leg and hip. The impact was brutal and fractured her legs, hip, and pelvis.

It took them an hour to extricate her from the wrecked car, and she lost a lot of blood, but thanks to God, the good Samaritans who stopped to help, and the first responders, she survived.

Renae is currently hospitalized in critical, but stable condition. She has undergone multiple surgeries already, and will endure many more surgeries as doctors continue to do their best to repair the many injuries. We feel blessed that most of the damage is to the lower half of her body, while her chest and head are relatively unharmed.

They've told us that she'll probably be spending Christmas in the hospital and that it will be a long road to recovery for her, which will likely include time in a rehab center and physical therapy.

While insurance should thankfully cover most of the medical expenses, the funds raised here will go towards the costs of rehabilitation after she is released from the hospital, essential modifications to her home once she is able to return, as well as any other unforeseen expenses that may arise as a direct result of this accident.

We thank you for your support, and we thank you for your prayers. The fact that she is still with us is truly a miracle.



$200--Justin, Becky, Eli, and Isaac
$200--Angie & Morgan Dennis
$200--Tammy & Steve Wood
$10--Hilary VanSweden
$20--Kara Anderson
$50--Alicia Cottam
$20--Sharon Hill
$20--Katie Brimhall
$200--Diane Austin
$100--Travis Child
$500--Dave & Gayle Tensmeyer
$50--Jill Reeder
$10--Kylie Lloyd
$50--Kara & Reagan Willden
$25--Samantha Clark
$100--Ann Smith
$50--Cassee McCleary
$30--Molly Smith
$50--Cory Moss
$25--Jenna Gillis
$30--Diana Arnold
$50--Ann Kelly
$50--Kristi Ward
$100--ES Solar
$50--Tim & Jill Hayman
$50--Jerrice Youngberg
$500--Angie & Morgan Dennis
$25--Alisha Eastman
$100--Nyla Smith
$25--Ali Behunin
$500--Gina Thorderson
$50--DeAnn & Dave Hoggan
$100--Kelly & Dave Welker
$100--Alyssa Rasmussen
$100--Valerie Veigel
$50--Adele Maynes
$200--Isaac Evans
$50--Starlene & Mike Larsen
$25--Michelene Strong
$300--Edward Diviney
$200--Mike Pace
$50--Pat Carver
$50--Kristin Digirolomo
$25--Bette Hatch

Please enjoy some of these special pictures showing some of Renae's most important moment and people in her life:

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